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This year (2016) we want to concentrate on engaging with our customers to find out about their working environments.

With so much technology available we often take it for granted creating missed opportunities to benefit the emerging apps and practices that many of us could benefit from.

We are launching a campaign called #GeekMe encouraging the non-tech savvy and savvy to embrace different and effective ways of using IT.

If you are a business owner or staff member within your respective organisations get in touch with us via with what you do so that we may help identify creative and productive ways to make your working life easier.

Be part of the digital revolution #GeekMe


Accepting Support Tickets Online Only - 08/01/2016

As explained in our newsletter on the 5th of Jan 2016, we will no longer be accepting new support tickets via email. This is because the email feature tends to lose important details, like attachments, forwards and the ability to include important information to support you. Submitting tickets online prevents users from missing out things because its required on the online form.

What is also helpful is that everyday important support requests can be resolved by using our knowlesge base which is automatically scanned for you when submitting a ticket and provides answers to your problems immediately if possible, removing the need to sometimes sumbit a ticket at all. 

Be also informed that we will also be making email replies notifications only in the future, ensuring all replies are done via the support site only. This change will also allow you to become more familiar with the client area as many of you dont know its the one stop shop for all your account changes, emails, hosting, etc.

Many of you will would of missed this in the newsletter hence why its been included here, for notice purposes.

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